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The best mountain passes in the Dolomites

My last travel post was all about my favourite lakes that I visited in the Dolomites so I also wanted to share the best mountains in the Dolomites. We didn’t have time to do any hikes so this is based on the views from the road or not far from the road. Passo Sella We came across Sella Pass (image above) on our first visit to the Dolomites but that day it was misty, very windy and rather cold so we couldn’t really see anything and didn’t get out of the car for long. When we went here the second…

My latest sustainable fashion purchase

Shopping at charity shops is the easiest way to buy more sustainable fashion. Which brings me to my favourite recent purchase – this chenille chevron jumper, originally from Primark. I can see why a lot of people wouldn’t buy items from places such as Primark even second hand. The quality isn’t the highest and the materials they’re often made with have potential to pollute water systems when washed. But personally I’ve never found Primark’s clothing to last me any less than other brands. I have multiple items that are still going strong after several years. And in terms of the…

Sustainable Shopping

Lakes to see in the Italian Dolomites

As you may know, I ventured to the Dolomites twice last year so I wanted to share the beautiful places that we went. I’m splitting it into lakes and mountains. Obviously, we didn’t get to visit all of the lakes and all of the mountains but I think these are the ones that are worth making the effort for if you’re a bit limited for time. My top 3 best lakes in the Dolomites: Lago di Braies If you’ve ever searched for lakes in the Dolomites then you’ve probably come across Lago di Braies or Pragser Wildsee. It’s the one…

Staying in a hut in Snowdonia

On New Year’s Eve we loaded up my (very small) car with duvets, pillows, rucksacks, fire wood, food, alcohol and 4 people and drove for 4 hours to a hut in Snowdonia. After a minor panic and detour to find petrol after realising we didn’t have enough and everything was closing we made it there at around 11pm. Just enough time to unload the car, grab a drink, make introductions to the people we hadn’t met and light sparklers for midnight. I think this was the first time I’ve brought in the new year without watching the countdown and fireworks…

My go to winter jacket | OOTD

I think everyone has that go to winter jacket or coat that just goes with everything and keeps you warm. This faux shearling aviator jacket has been mine this winter. Aside from days where it’s been raining, I’ve been wearing this jacket almost every time I leave the house. I know a lot of people think that black on black is a bit much but I wholeheartedly disagree. I love all black outfits, and kind of even more so since dying my hair this colour. It just makes it pop, don’t you think? I love putting high necks under strappy…

My top 3 trips of 2018

2018 went really quickly didn’t it! I turned 28 a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been having somewhat of a ‘what should I do with my life’ crisis since. Which I do most of the time tbh. 2018 has been a year where I’ve felt like I’ve not really done much but other people have said they think I’ve done a lot. I suppose it’s all about perspective. So here’s my post reflecting on some of the places I’ve been and what the highlights were of my top 3 trips. The best of the UK: North Coast 500 If…