Events | 2013 Favourites

The New Year brings about a sense of needing to reflect on the previous 12 months and so I am going to look back over my year and share the special moments with you.
I’ve decided that I’m going to do three different ‘Favourites’ posts so that I can categorise them and not have one massively long post. The first, being this one, is events and significant things that I’ve done/have happened throughout the year.

1. London Vacation

In June I was lucky enough to not only exhibit my work in a London gallery but also got to stay in a rather nice apartment with a bunch of my friends for a week. It was definitely a highlight of the year, we had some super fun times just hanging out and wandering around the city. 

Me and most of my year at our exhibition opening – I’m in the middle!
My work in the Free Range exhibition at the Truman Brewery Gallery.

2. My Boyfriend
A rather cheesy one but with our one year anniversary approaching I feel it is appropriate. On January the 16th I became the official girlfriend of my best friend. Here’s a recent photo of us, we have very few together!

3. Black Milk Meet Up London

Wore some awesome clothes, met some truly awesome girls and had a lot of fun.

I’m standing in the middle to the left of the girl in the pink blazer!

4. Graduation

I finished university this year and am for the first time in my life not in full time education. I graduated from a BA (Hons) Photography in the Arts course at the University of Wales with a 2:1. It was a great experience and I really wish I could go back to university. 


5. Pink Hair

After a lifetime of brown and black hair I decided to bleach it into disrepair and make it pink. It’s now more of a lilac colour and in much better condition, I’ve also decided to grow it out!


6. Road Trips

This year I’ve done quite a lot of driving, including several little road trips taken with friends, family and my boyfriend. Here are some photos from a few of them:

Puzzlewood Forest
This magical forest is said to be one of the places that J.R.R. Tolkien used as inspiration for Middle Earth. I foolishly had forgotten my camera battery on this visit and only had my phone to take photos which is such a shame but I plan on going back as soon as I can.

Talgarth Asylum
An abandoned mental institution in Mid Wales. It is a fascinating place and we’ve since tried to get back inside but security has been tightened. 
Hereford Cathedral
I’ve been here a few times and it is truly beautiful. I’m not religious by any means but I do find cathedrals and church’s fascinating, and I’m a big fan of stained glass.
Brecon Beacons
This is another place that I’ve frequented this year, and it seems different every time. The valleys and hills change so dramatically in different weather. I feel very lucky to live near such scenery.
Cheddar Gorge
Visited twice this year, it’s pretty impressive and the village and touristy shops are delightful (the sweet shop sells Wonka bars!)
Mount. Snowdon
This was a family trip to North Wales, it was the first time I’ve been and hopefully not the last. I’d love to explore the mountain some more.

So that has been my year in terms of places been and things I’ve done. The next post will be about all the products and objects that I’ve been enjoying throughout 2013 and will be posted in a couple of days!

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