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Following on from my previous favourites on events, these are my favourite products of the year (mostly beauty related). I’ve narrowed it down and some I’ve discovered very recently but I wanted to include them anyway.

1. Make up

This has been a very good year for me in terms of make up. I’ve finally managed to find a whole set of items that I’m happy to use on a daily basis.

Dainty Doll foundation and concealer – I use shade 002 in both and this is the very first foundation I’ve found that is the right colour for my very pale skin. I really really like this foundation, it’s a great consistency and gives a medium amount of coverage so hides imperfections and evens out my skin tone but still looks light and natural and doesn’t feel cakey at all. The concealer is a little bit disappointing compared to the foundation in my opinion, the colour is slightly darker even in the same shade number and doesn’t give much more coverage than the foundation. However, I do like it and use it mostly when I’m feeling too lazy to put on a full face of foundation but want to hide a few blemishes. Unfortunately the range is discontinued now but I’ve got a whole new bottle and a spare pot of concealer so I’ve got plenty of time to try and find new favourites!


Mary Kay cream eyeshadows – These I’ve been using for a while but I still love them and use both the colours Beach Blonde and Glacier Gray on a regular basis depending on whether I want a light or darker eye. They go on so smoothly and easily with just a smudge across the lid with a finger and it lasts all day. 

Benefit Bad Gal Lash – This mascara really makes my eyes pop, it lifts my lashes and makes them look very full. I’m not 100% dedicated to it though as the effect doesn’t seem to last that long through the day. I’ll probably try out something else when it runs out but it’s by no means a bad mascara. 

Collection 2000 liquid eyeliner – I’ve tried out many different eyeliners over the years but I always come back to this one. It’s not the best for colour/coverage but it’s fine, especially with two coats, but the brush is so easy to hold and control and for the price (£2.99) I think it’s fabulous. It also never irritates my rather sensitive eyes, even if I forget to take it off and sleep in it, which almost all the more expensive brands I’ve tried do.

Models Own lipstick in Blackcurrant – My very favourite lip colour. I love that this lipstick can so easily be built up to be dark and gothy or blended out for a more subtle shade. It does wear off but does so evenly and still looks great!

Lorac Take a Brow – I used to use a pencil for my eyebrows but since getting this little kit I will continue to use powder. It comes with a light brown, dark brown, setting wax and a small angled brush. It creates such a natural look and a little blends a long way, making a gradient look super easy. I would certainly recommend this to anyone that’s starting out with filling in their eyebrows (or anyone really!) as the different shades give room to experiment and the brush is the perfect size.

2. Jojoba Oil

This was recommended to me by a friend as a great natural oil that can be used for several things. I use jojoba oil as a daily facial cleanser, it removes all my make up and leaves my skin super soft. It’s not suited to everyone’s skin but I’d recommend for people to give it a go! There are plenty of guides online on how to use oils as a cleanser so I won’t go into it but it’s worth looking into for anyone that is looking for natural products.


3. Overlocker

I’ve enjoyed sewing from a young age and got this as my graduation present in the summer as I plan to start a clothing line in the near future. This is the only overlocker I’ve used so I can’t comment too much on the quality of it but it does everything I’d need it to and I just love using it! It makes seams look so much more professional and neat than those done with a normal sewing machine. I take in and alter a lot of my clothes and this makes it so much easier to handle stretchy fabrics. The model is the Singer Overlock 14SH754.


4. Rekorderlig

This cider is possibly the best I’ve ever tried. The different fruity flavours are perfect for the summer and their winter cider is so delicious both cold and hot, I’ve stocked up on it whilst it’s still around. It has a cinnamon and vanilla blend but doesn’t taste spiced at all (I’m not a fan of cinnamon usually), just a lovely and surprisingly refreshing taste.


So those are a few of my favourite things of the year 2013! Check out my post on the TV, films and books that I’ve been loving this year.

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