TV, Film, Books | 2013 Favourites

The final post in my favourites of 2013 (see here for events and here for products), the books, TV show and film I’ve enjoyed the most. I’ve chosen just one from each category even though I’ve watched a lot of TV and films and read many more books. 

TV – Grey’s Anatomy

I only started watching this in October when I had a free trial subscription to LoveFilm and I got through all nine and a half seasons by December. I was actually quite sad when I caught up with the aired episodes, I just wanted to continue watching episode after episode every night. It’s a great show on the whole, I’m not loving the newest season so far but I’ll continue to watch it as I’m sure it’ll get better. It’s been a roller-coaster of emotions binge watching Grey’s and I can’t wait for new episodes!


Books – Harry Potter

So this is kind of cheating as I obviously discovered these long before 2013 but I re-read them all over my summer break (and re-watched all the films) and although I thoroughly enjoyed other books that I read this year, the experience of Harry Potter can’t be beaten. For most of the books it was only the second time I’d ever read them since they came out so a lot of the smaller details had been forgotten and it was almost like reading them for the first time. I also visited the Harry Potter Studio Tour this year, which I was going to include in my events favourites but I figured I could just mention it here. It was a truly magical experience and it was amazing to see the sets and props that they used in the films, I just wish there was more of it! Being able to go on the Hogwarts Express or explore 12 Grimmauld Place would be fantastic and hope they consider expanding it in the future.

book-series-jkrowling-J K Rowling-bloomsbury

Film – The Great Gatsby

I read the book quite a few years ago and didn’t really enjoy it if I’m honest, I thought it was a bit boring. Because of this, I didn’t bother to see the film in the cinema and wasn’t in any rush to see it (and never bothered to watch the original film). Obviously when I did get round to seeing it I thoroughly enjoyed it. For me it just works so much better as a film and I think Baz Luhrmann has done an incredible job, as indeed he has with all of his works that I’ve seen. 


So that’s everything I’ve enjoyed in the past year! I might make my favourites a monthly post throughout the year so that I can look back at the end and re-live all the things I’ve loved 🙂

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