Mac Hearts Aflame Matte Lipstick Review & Dupes

Mac Hearts Aflame Matte Lipstick Review

As it’s September now I feel like it’s acceptable to start talking about darker lip shades. This isn’t a new one, it was from last years limited edition A Novel Romance collection so I’m afraid you can’t go buy it anymore but the staying power is magnificent! I love this colour and there are a lot of similar shades around at this time of year.

I’ve mentioned the MUA luxe velvet lipsticks before and though there isn’t a shade super similar as it’s much brighter but Atomic isn’t way off and the finish and longevity is actually better, it stays on quite a bit more! (And is a fraction of the price).

I’ve also tried the Barry M lipliner in plum underneath Atomic which gives a much deeper shade which is lovely and a bit closer but a bit too berry coloured and still not the brick red of Hearts Aflame. So below I’ve included a photo that I found on Pinterest with some other dupes.

Mac Hearts Aflame Matte Lipstick Review & Dupes
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