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personalised mug but first tea palm leaves phone case nutcase review fashion blogger

personalised mug but first tea palm leaves phone case nutcase review fashion blogger

I don’t drink much coffee so all this ‘but first, coffee’ malarky is a bit irrelevant to me. However, a good cup of tea is essential for me to function as a normal human being. So when I was asked by Mr. Nutcase to create a personalised mug I immediately thought it has to be something tea related. I started browsing Pinterest for some generally cute quotes and came across the Moon River lyrics there’s such a lot of world to see and in my head just continued the sentence as but first, tea. Now I’m not one to brag but how good is that? And on a mug?!

I’m not particularly good with words (or numbers, but that’s irrelevant) so when my brain formulated this I was just gobsmacked at my own brilliance. I also googled it to see if the two phrases had been put together on things before in case I’d subconsciously picked it up from somewhere and I wasn’t actually having a brain wave, but I couldn’t find anything (granted I didn’t look that hard)! And yes I realise I’m tooting my own trumpet rather a lot here and that I’m almost certainly not the first person to put this two and two together but I’m still quite proud of myself.

Anyway, back to the review. I don’t know about you but I usually associate personalised mugs with cheesy family photos awkwardly printed in a shape that a photograph probably should never be printed. That’s why I wanted to create something that was cute and whimsical instead. I’m really rather pleased with my mug, the design process was pretty easy and though I haven’t got the text in exactly the right place (the template only shows you the flattened out version rather than what it will look like in mug shape) it’s still in a good enough position from my guestimating how far apart it should be to be on each side of the mug and nothing is cut off. The outline of the text isn’t quite as sharp as I’d like it to be but that’s only when you look closely and me being fussy, as you can see in the photos it looks great when looking at it normally.

The prices are also super reasonable and there are quite a few different designs to choose from too so there’s bound to be one to suit what you want to put on it! If you were wondering, mine is the curled rim ceramic mug which costs just £6.25!

personalised mug but first tea palm leaves phone case nutcase review fashion blogger

I also grabbed a case for my iPhone 5 (you may have seen it on my instagram) which is super handy as I’ve not had a case on my phone for a little while. Because of this I decided to go for the lightweight slimline option so my phone didn’t feel too bulky and I have to say it’s great, my phone hardly feels any bigger. I love the colours on this print, it’s actually a Matthew Williamson design from last year I believe and it’s just perfect. I wanted something bright and summery but that would also go well with my black phone. There’s also the issue of me hating the colour green but this has enough blue, turquoise and yellow in it for me to be happy.

I’ve had this on my phone for over three weeks now and nothing has chipped or scratched or gotten damaged at all (and I’m one of those people that is very prone to dropping their phone) so I think it’s pretty safe to safe the quality of the case is pretty good! I also love that the printed part has more of a matte finish, I know some will prefer a shiny one but personally I love matte everything.

I’d love to know what designs you would put on a mug and on a phone case, leave me a comment!

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