8 Things Bloggers Do That Annoy Me

8 Things Bloggers Do That Annoy Me

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m probably guilty of some of these myself and I’m not hating on anyone that does these things. They’re just things that I’ve come across that annoy me to some degree or another and I’m sure I’m not alone in that!

  1. Follow and unfollow – does this actually ever work for people?
  2. Use mobile links to posts – just delete the m please so I don’t open it on my laptop and wonder why your blog looks awful until I realise.
  3. Automated Twitter DMs asking me to check out your blog – chances are I already have and that’s why I followed you on Twitter in the first place.
  4. Liking 100+ of my instagram photos and then not following me – just a waste of time really isn’t it.
  5. Jumping on the band wagon – this one can be hard to avoid but how many times do we need to see an Olympus Pen or copper homeware?
  6. Using Bloglovin share links – I get why people do this but I swear I only ever click them from my phone and they don’t work on my phone (is this just me?) so then I end up just not reading your post.
  7. Use Like it to Know it – obviously I get why people use this and I used to think it was a great idea but they send SO many damn emails I had to unsubscribe and I find myself avoiding liking instagrams that have it.
  8. Giving advice on things you don’t really know about – pretty self-explanatory that one.

What are some things that annoy you in the blogging world?

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