September Favourites – Fashion, Beauty, Random | Video

September Favourites  - Fashion, Beauty, Random Video

Embroidered Boots

These remind me of something my mum would have worn when she was younger which makes me question my fashion choices a bit but alas these were too beautiful to pass up. I’m a bit worried at how that might wear, I try to stay away from suede type shoes despite my innate love for them because they just aren’t practical. But sometimes you just need some shoes that aren’t primarily for function. BUY THEM HERE!

Western Style Belt

It was probably about a year ago that I first wanted a belt like this, and now I finally have one! I did get a black belt not long ago, as seen in this outfit post, but I managed to leave it on the side of the road when I took it off whilst filming this lookbook. So I’m very happy to have a replacement that I like even more. BUY IT HERE!

Embroidered Skirt

This is a bit shorter than I imagined it would be but other than that it fits me perfectly which I’m so happy about as there’s always that doubt when ordering things online. It actually reminds me a bit of a cushion that I saw in Ikea. Even though it seems very autumnal, I feel like this could be worn year round as well. BUY IT HERE!

Konjac Sponge

I was so excited when I first read about these sponges. It took me a little while to decide on which one I wanted to try as I have a few skin issues at the moment. But because of that, I thought it would make sense to go for the combination skin one which is green French clay. I haven’t been using this as regularly as I probably should have so I haven’t really noticed any long term effects from it yet but immediately after using it my skin feels and looks so much healthier. BUY IT HERE!

Autumnal Eyeshadows

You really must go and watch my last video to appreciate how lovely these shadows are. I really like red/burgundy eyeshadow but I’m not Lily Melrose so I can’t pull it off too well by itself (unless I’m being a vampire) so this is a great way to get a lovely deep colour that’s not too in your face. BUY KIKO EYESHADOW!


I’d seen the fake grass plants several times before and had no interest in them, maybe they had different pots then? But all of a sudden I needed this one when I saw it in the showroom. I’m also so excited about my new spikey one, I think he’s actually grown a bit already which is a bit scary. I’m planning to get some small slate pieces to put on top of the soil to make it a bit prettier too.

I’d love to know what some of your favourites are, leave me a comment here or on my video!

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