Autumn TV Shows I’ll Be Watching

Autumn TV Shows to Watch

Autumn and winter are just the best seasons for TV, there’s nothing better than coming in from a frosty cold day and snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket, hot chocolate, and a great TV show. And what would make that experience even better is watching on an Ultra HD 4K TV Panasonic. I’m lucky enough to have a laptop that can display 4K video and it’s fabulous, can you imagine having that on a 65″ TV screen?! So with this in mind, I thought I would share with you the TV shows that I know I’m going to be watching this season.

Gilmore Girls

I think everyone is on the Gilmore Girls hype now that the series is back on Netflix. And I cannot wait for the revival. I actually have it marked in my calendar. I raved about how autumnal and festive this show makes me feel last autumn so I’m super happy that I’ll have brand new episodes to watch this year!


This was pretty hyped up last year and even though I’d kind of forgotten about it since I’m very eager to watch the next season. I did feel like it’s a little bit less interesting the further into it you get as the suspense and mystery at the very beginning is what keeps you hooked. But of course, I want to know what happens!

Grey’s Anatomy
I’ve invested a rather large portion of my life in Grey’s Anatomy. Part of me wonders why when it’s such an emotional show and the seasons have been getting more dramatic and farfetched than they ever needed to be. At the end of season 11 I thought there wasn’t much point in watching anymore but now that 13 has started up I decided to power through season 12 and catch up and of course I’m hooked again.

Let me know what shows you’re looking forward to watching, new or old, I’d love some recommendations!

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