Escape Reality Cardiff – Enigmista Escape Room

Escape Reality Cardiff - Enigmista Escape Room

Escape Reality Cardiff - Enigmista Escape Room

Escape Reality Cardiff - Enigmista Escape Room

Escape Reality Cardiff - Enigmista Escape Room

Last week, after our little trip to West Wales, we went to Escape Reality in Cardiff. None of us had been to an escape room before so we were really excited to give it a go (you probably know about my love for Halloween and related things). We decided on the Enigmista room which has a serial killer theme and a difficulty rating of 4/5 (there’s only one below this that is 3/5). There are currently Escape Reality locations in Cardiff and Leicester with one in Glasgow opening in November and lots more around the country coming soon!

I didn’t take too many photos whilst we were in there as obviously I was trying to solve the puzzles and I don’t want to give away too much for anyone that wants to do this either! We did this as a team of three which I think was a good amount of people for this room, I think more than four people would get a bit crowded.

If you don’t know what an escape room is, basically you’re put into a room and have one hour to solve a series of puzzles in order to unlock the door and escape the room. We were given an iPad that tracked our time and could be used to get hints or solutions to the puzzles but using those will add on time to your final score, which if you’re trying to get a fast time and be on the leaderboard isn’t what you want to do if you can help it.

We didn’t go in expecting to get a fast time, which was probably best as we actually went over the time limit by about 30 minutes (they allow you to keep trying after the time is up if you want to and there aren’t any bookings for the room in the next time slot) which was a little bit embarrassing. Most of the puzzles weren’t that difficult but a couple of times we just didn’t execute them properly and then thought we had it wrong which caused a lot of confusion.

The clues and the puzzles were really good, and I think if we had done this sort of thing before then we would’ve found it quite a bit easier. There was quite a good mix of visual and numerical problems to solve so it helps to have people in the team that are good at both. I’d definitely love to go again and try a different room!

A massive thanks to Myles as well who gave us some (a lot of) help when we were leading ourselves astray. We would probably still be stuck in that room without his hints!

I’d really recommend this if you’re in Cardiff, it’s a great Halloween activity, you can use the code IAMCARDIFF20 to get 20% off your booking too which makes it a really reasonable price. If you want to see more then they have a great video over on their Facebook page too.

We were given free admission in return for a review but all opinions are my own.

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