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I’m Tessa, a travel blogger and product photographer. I’m based in Cardiff but I love to adventure all over the world so I offer a remote photography service.

I grew up exploring the outdoors of South Wales. Forests are my favourite places and snow is my favourite weather. I’m often found roaming the Brecon Beacons or heading for the Scottish Highlands. As much as I love nature, I equally love staying at home and getting cosy with a good film or book. I’m mostly fuelled by cups of tea and Netflix shows.

I’m a fan of monochromatic outfits and the theory of minimalism (I have yet to master the practice).


My Story

My very first camera was bright yellow with a plastic gorilla on it. I named it Jimmy. Of course, from then on photography became a huge part of my life. It grew with me as I captured pictures of family pets, weekend trips to the beach and sixth form nights out with friends.

After finishing school I chose to follow my own path with an Art Foundation course. The decision took me to a city by the sea, Swansea, to experiment and develop my craft. There I learnt all kinds of photography and specialised in self-portraits (a skill later lending itself well to starting my own fashion blog). Graduating with a HND in photography and a BA honours degree in Photography in the Arts, I set out to make a living doing what I love.

What I Do



I love shooting travel adventures, from the architecture of foreign cities to the rugged mountains of home. Rarely without a camera in hand, my work also includes snapshots from my life and all the details in between. Travel has always been an aspiration and a joy of mine – from dreaming as a child of my very first holiday, I’m now lucky enough to travel the world and take pictures along the way. I’ve been lucky enough to take the portraits of some fantastic people and as an introvert myself, it’s so rewarding to draw out someone else’s confidence in front of the camera.



From a secret hobby in my bedroom to an album full of adventures and memories, I’ve been creating content for more than seven years. Travel guides are a particular favourite of mine, to share the best bits of each trip and inspire that wanderlust in others too. Another journey I’ve been documenting is finding sustainable style through ethical and secondhand fashion. Here are a few good posts to start with:


girl stood at the fishermans bastion in budapest. what to wear on a city break

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