Birthday and Christmas Presents

I often forget the things that I’m given for birthdays and Christmas so I thought it’d be a good idea to make a kind of haul post for all the things I got as gifts last month so that I can look back and appreciate the lovely things that my friends and family have given me.

Birthday Presents (December 12th)

I’ve selected my favourite gifts but this includes most of them.
Clockwise from top left:
Romwe dress – This dress is adorable, it’s something a bit different for me but it’s lovely to wear. The top part isn’t as sheer as it seems in the product photo on the website, the flash just exaggerates it.

New Look sparkle dress – I found this a little bit long on my petite stature but I simply put small knots in each strap and it was perfect. I’ve worn this quite a lot over the holidays and I love the way it swooshes.

Badger lip balm – I had been wanting some natural lip balm for a long time as it’s something I use almost constantly throughout every day and I hate to think of the chemicals that some of them contain that I would then ingest – gross. I love the packaging of these and each flavour is lovely, I’ve always used scented lip balms and these are definitely my favourites!


Forever 21 cut out shoes – My first pair of oxfords! I adore these, they’re so pretty and go with everything. I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can wear them without getting wet feet!

Topshop watch – I stopped wearing a watch about 6 or 7 months ago because I got bored of my 6 year old plastic Casio and couldn’t find anything to replace it, so I was thrilled to be gifted this watch with my initial on it. I have tiny wrists but this is just the right size so it doesn’t look huge on me. I haven’t yet gotten back into the habit of wearing a watch every day but it’s a great accessory to have. 

Black Milk Midnight Owl dress – This was released a while ago and I debated buying it for a while but of course I only decided I needed it after it was discontinued. Luckily I found a lovely sharkie who was selling hers so I snapped it up with my birthday money. The colours are so gorgeous and the design was all drawn by a super talented sharkie from our creatives group which makes it so much more special!

Christmas Presents

This list has been severely narrowed down, my main present was money so I got lots of little bits and bobs.

1. Boohoo snowflake leggings
2. Missguided velvet swing top (doesn’t seem to be on the site any more but link is to the cotton version)
3. Cat T shirt
4. DVDs
5. TLR camera key ring torch!
6. 2014 Diary (from B&M)
7. Birthdays and Addresses book
8. Knitting and Crochet book


9. Moleskine notebooks (and handmade gift card from Ioan Morris)

10. Revlon Nail Art Moon Candy

11. Unicorn heart necklace

12. Lindt chocolate

13. Regal Rose Amethyst Necklace

I may go into a bit more depth about some of the products in a future post but for now, this is a summary of my presents this year! 

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