About Tessa Holly (a blogger to wordpress migration story)

blogger to wordpress migration tessa holly

You’ll have seen plenty of Blogger to WordPress migration stories if you’ve looked into it. I did quite a bit of googling before I went ahead and a lot of debating about changing my domain and blog name as well. So I just wanted to share my thoughts on why I did these things and how I went about it.


The name change

I’ve been wanting to change my blog name for a rather long time, as you may have noticed from my various twitter polls about it over the last year. I still quite like Holly Sparkle, but I’ve always felt like it’s a bit childish and doesn’t particularly suit me. The reason that I chose it in the first place was just to match my Instagram. I only chose it for my Instagram because I already used tessaholly for everything and I wanted something different so that friends and family/people I knew IRL wouldn’t find it. But alas that didn’t last long at all so then I was stuck with two things under this pseudonym that served no purpose.

If you ever wondered how I came up with the name Holly Sparkle (you probably haven’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway) then here it is. Holly is my first middle name and Sparkle came from the name of my business that I had at the time, Sparkle Motion (yes, that is a Donnie Darko reference). I just used the Sparkle part because I wanted my blog and business to be connected but not to have the same name. A pretty boring story.

So anyway, my domain name was up for renewal in February and that gave me the final push to switch it up. Who wants to spend money on something they don’t actually want? I have actually paid another year for my old domain so that it can redirect to the new one, but after that, I’ll most likely cancel it.


Why the Blogger to WordPress migration

Another part of my blog that I’ve never been too fond of is my layout. I still don’t think there will ever be a time that I’m 100% happy with how my site looks. However, there were so many bits here and there that needed tweaking that it was getting to the point where I was embarrassed to link people to my homepage. So I’ve gone the whole hog, changed the name, updated pages, redesigned the layout and migrated from Blogger to WordPress.

I’ve been toying with the idea of moving to WordPress from blogger for a while (as I think the majority of Blogger users do at some point or another). I’ve never had any real issues with Blogger, to be honest. There have been a few little hiccups here and there but nothing to cry about. So why have I switched? There were two main reasons for me, but there are plenty of other reasons, have a Google if you’re interested.

1. To get a better understanding of the platform. In the future, I probably want to work in digital/content marketing. I often see on job adverts ‘knowledge of WordPresss is beneficial’ or something similar. I’ve dabbled in WordPress here and there and obviously, every answer is just a Google away but there’s a lot more credibility in being able to (honestly) say “I use WordPress daily for my own blog”.

2. The plugins. Using plugins to help whilst writing posts, and for a plethora of other things, is just super handy. Something that Blogger doesn’t seem to have in any capacity.


How I did it

When I started blogging, I told myself I wouldn’t spend money on the running costs until it paid for itself. And honestly, this happened a long time ago so I’m not sure why I put it off for so long.

If you’re wondering how I went about all these changes (after debating for months about doing it myself to save money) I just went ahead and got Pipdig to do it. I’d been avoiding using a Pipdig theme because even though they’re lovely everyone has them. I just didn’t want my blog to look like everyone else’s. But I then discovered the WordPress themes vary quite a lot and are very customisable. Plus, you get a free one when you buy the Blogger to WordPress migration package. I have the Holly and Weave theme if you were wondering.

I know everyone raves about Pipdig, but it really is for good reason. Phil is the best. He did every part of the migration and domain change, all the way down to installing the theme for me. There was a delay because of an email mishap on his end but he was very apologetic and got everything sorted asap.


I would definitely recommend having someone who really knows what they’re doing to set everything up for you. I’m pretty sure that I could’ve done it myself, I used to love learning tech stuff. But it would no doubt have taken longer, endless amounts of Googling and caused me so much more stress. For once I chose the easy option.

If you’re wondering about hosting then I chose to go with Siteground because they’re recommended by Pipdig but also a friend of mine and many other bloggers have said how good they are. And so far I’m loving them too, I got a free domain when buying hosting, a discount for buying a longer package and it was super easy to set up a new email address too.


The next step for me is to make content that I’m really happy with. I’m often pleased with individual posts but I want to develop a more cohesive look across my content. This is something I’ve always struggled with because I can never decide on one style of photography. I like too many things. But here’s hoping something will work itself out.


I’d love to know what you think of the new layout, are there any features you particularly love or hate?

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