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On Being Comfortable | AD

On Being Comfortable | AD

nicce hoody

nicce hoody birch

I love cosy clothes. There’s something about the colder months that makes me want to be comfortable and cosy all day every day. I’m all about being comfortable, this is definitely something that has become more and more important to me the older I get. And if you’ve seen this post from a while ago you’ll know how much I enjoy a good lazy day. I’ve been wearing this hoody* since it arrived (I’m wearing it right now in fact) for cosy evenings and relaxed weekends, it’s so soft. I’m not normally one for clothes with branding on them but I love the clean and minimal designs by Nicce. Their collection is so good it took me a while and asking for several other people’s opinions to choose just one! Check out Nicce’s black hoodies womens too.

Having clothes that are both comfortable and that look good is something I’m trying to incorporate more of in my wardrobe. Looking good always makes me feel good so I’ve stopped wearing my more scruffy clothes or just pjs and have started buying clothes specifically for loungewear. This hoody is the perfect addition to my little comfy clothes collection.

I’m glad I didn’t get this in a bigger size as I’m sure my boyfriend would be stealing it (I totally wouldn’t blame him, I steal his jumpers all the time). I love the streetwear style of the brand which makes wearing such a comfy hoody also appropriate for wearing out and about. I’m loving how Jessica has styled her pink hoody with a pvc skirt in her post, I’m definitely going to be trying out a similar style.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to find ways that I can wear such comfortable clothes whilst still looking chic and appropriate for work so let me know if you’d like me to put together a post about that!

nicce hoody birch nicce hoody birch nicce hoody birch nicce hoody birch

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