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Growing My Hair | The Inversion Method

I’ve been trying to grow out my hair lately as I’m getting bored of having it short so I Googled some tips and asked some people what might help and came across the inversion method. I was a bit sceptical about this as some people have claimed their hair has grown up to 4 inches but I figured the worst that will happen is my hair will be in better condition than it was. Basically what you do is rub a hot oil treatment (I just used olive oil) into your scalp everyday for a week. Once it’s all massaged…

Day and Night Valentine’s Day Outfits

First of all, I want to apologise for my awkward posing and the boring indoor shots – it rains a lot in Wales. Following my Valentine’s nails I thought I’d do some date appropriate outfits. I had this in mind as day and night looks but I suppose it’s more casual and non-casual. I’ve linked below to the items worn where possible. Day Time Casual Top – Primark Amethyst Necklace – Regal Rose Dress (worn as skirt) – Black Milk Shoes – Forever 21 Night Time Swanky Dress – New Look (no longer on the site but this is the…

Sustainable Shopping

Lace & Hearts Valentine’s Day Nail Art

I’ve always been a fan of Valentine’s Day. I just think it’s nice to celebrate special people in your life, whether it’s a partner, friends, family or your cat. So to acknowledge this lovely day I have come up with two ideas for some pretty Valentine’s nails. I’ll also be doing a bonus post tomorrow for some Valentine’s outfit ideas, yay! Firstly are the adorable lace nails. This is something I did a few years ago and thought it’d be a super sweet but not too lovey dovey Valentine’s look. Above are the things I used to create this look.…

Simple Honey Lip Scrub | DIY

The winter time is often super harsh on my lips and leaves them dry and scaly regardless of how much lip balm I use, so I thought it might be best to try out a lip scrub to remedy this. Following on from my previous DIY post where I showed how I made a coffee body scrub, here’s my little tutorial for how to make a yummy honey lip scrub. What you’ll need Jojoba Oil (or you could use olive oil or any other that you feel comfortable with) Honey Sugar Salt Container Click below to see the tutorial 1.…

5 Step Coffee Body Scrub | DIY

After all the talk about the Frank body scrub I was intrigued as to whether or not it would actually work. Of course I’m far too cheap to spend £10 or so on a body scrub so I made one one myself with what I had around the house. Here’s what I did (this is just a guideline for what worked for me, quantities and ingredients can be altered to suit your own needs). What you’ll need Container Coffee Sugar Salt (for added exfoliation, this isn’t necessary) Olive Oil Spoon/something to measure quantities (I used an ice cream scoop) Something…

Peacock Feathers | OOTD

This is an outfit I got super excited about, I wore it to a local gig but added a leather jacket to keep me warm on the winter evening in Wales.  I love this shirt, I almost didn’t buy it because my male housemates hated it in the shop, saying it looked like it should be on a pair of curtains (this just made me like it even more), but I had some store credit to spend and nothing else really caught my eye so I got it anyway. I just think it could go with all sorts of things…