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Products | 2013 Favourites

Following on from my previous favourites on events, these are my favourite products of the year (mostly beauty related). I’ve narrowed it down and some I’ve discovered very recently but I wanted to include them anyway. 1. Make up This has been a very good year for me in terms of make up. I’ve finally managed to find a whole set of items that I’m happy to use on a daily basis. Dainty Doll foundation and concealer – I use shade 002 in both and this is the very first foundation I’ve found that is the right colour for my…

Events | 2013 Favourites

The New Year brings about a sense of needing to reflect on the previous 12 months and so I am going to look back over my year and share the special moments with you. I’ve decided that I’m going to do three different ‘Favourites’ posts so that I can categorise them and not have one massively long post. The first, being this one, is events and significant things that I’ve done/have happened throughout the year. 1. London Vacation In June I was lucky enough to not only exhibit my work in a London gallery but also got to stay in…

Sustainable Shopping

Summer Days and Purple Haze | OOTD

I am currently in Hereford enjoying the countryside. This was my outfit of choice for a stroll along the river with the boyfriend who very kindly took some photos for me. The cardigan is chunky but loose knit making it perfect for a summer evening such as this. The playsuit is from Boohoo but I ‘borrowed’ it from my sister. Hype this outfit on Lookbook Want to read more? Follow me on Bloglovin to catch all my latest posts and discover old ones!