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Staying in a hut in Snowdonia

Staying in a hut in Snowdonia

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On New Year’s Eve we loaded up my (very small) car with duvets, pillows, rucksacks, fire wood, food, alcohol and 4 people and drove for 4 hours to a hut in Snowdonia. After a minor panic and detour to find petrol after realising we didn’t have enough and everything was closing we made it there at around 11pm. Just enough time to unload the car, grab a drink, make introductions to the people we hadn’t met and light sparklers for midnight. I think this was the first time I’ve brought in the new year without watching the countdown and fireworks on TV (there was no TV in the hut). We played games and had drinks for the rest of the night. Pretty much ideal if you ask me.

The hut itself was fairly basic but has a fire, a toilet and shower, mattresses and cooking equipment so everything you really need. The bedroom area is upstairs which you get to via a ladder. That made my hands a little sore after going up and down several times. It was also a little bit chilly away from the fire but it was warm enough snuggled in bed.

The next day we took a stroll up to Llyn Idwal and a couple of the guys swam in the lake. I was half planning to get in myself, wearing my bikini under my clothes ready, but there was quite the crowd around once the guys started undressing so I opted out and didn’t subject myself to the freezing temperatures of the water. Part of me wishes I had though. Maybe next time.

That night after dinner (a rather delicious chilli) we wandered the road outside taking photos of the stars as it was a completely clear night. I don’t think I’ve seen stars quite that clearly before. I’m quite pleased with this photo I got of the Milky Way. I was kicking myself for having deleted the constellation app on my phone but Marie managed to find enough signal to download it. It was really cool being able to identify all the different stars.

How did you spend New Year’s? Let me know if you’ve stayed anywhere similar, I’d love to hear your stories.

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A couple of photos taken by James.

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