Why You Don’t Need A Blogging Niche

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Despite knowing better, I always click those blog posts titled How To Be A Better Blogger or How To Get More Blog Followers in the hope that it might, just maybe, tell me something I haven’t heard before. Alas, most of these posts say the same things. 

One thing that keeps popping up is that blogs need to have a niche in order to be successful. I certainly understand the logic behind this and I’ve even seen the evidence that supports the truth of this, but as a general rule I think it’s poppycock. 

I had an email conversation with Patricia Handschiegel a couple of months ago after watching the last episode in the British Vogue Future of Fashion series which is about bloggers. She sent me an email in reply to a comment I had left on the video and I wanted to share some of what she said as it’s the gist of what I’m trying to say with this post.

“I know a lot of people say you have to have a niche, but I never saw it that way. You have to have a position, but why own a niche when you can take a category?! I agree with your comment about staying broad in your interests. If you notice, a lot of the fashion bloggers are expanding outside of their niche versus the other way around. It can work both ways. But point of view/position is what gets you there.”

 – Patricia of StyleDiary and Condiment

I’ve never really understood why it is assumed that people want to segregate their lives into different sections, life is an endlessly intertwining mess at the best of times, why should we pretend any differently? Of course in blogging it would make no sense and probably infuriate readers if posts were as diverse and sporadic as life can be, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t share the different aspects of ourselves. 

Lifestyle blogging is probably the most common type of blog (don’t quote me on that, I’ve not done the research, that’s just my perception from within the blogging community) and I don’t think that’s because all of us bloggers are too lazy or unmotivated to choose one niche and stick to it. I think it’s because we know how short people’s attention spans are these days and that people will get bored (ourselves included) of the same thing being churned out over and over. So what’s the best way to make something original and unique? Make it personal. 

Sure this can be done within a niche, but then it seems as though that is the only thing of importance in your life. More and more often we’re seeing the big bloggers and YouTubers branching out into topics that differ from their original content. Bubzbeauty is a recent example of this, she posted a video not long ago saying that she has inevitably changed over the years and wants to change her channel along with that. I think that’s perfectly fine. Although I do try to focus my content on fashion and my personal style because that’s my biggest interest, I love including all sorts of other posts – like this one – because it gives me some variety when I’m coming up with content ideas and hopefully my readers enjoy it too. I don’t stick to one category let alone a niche, so I guess that means I’ll never be successful ?.

So what do you think? Should a blog have one set niche or is it more interesting to see a variety?

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