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16 Facts About Me

16 Facts About Me

16 Facts About Me

I’ve decided to post everyday through May, hopefully you are pleased about this! Basically there are a whole bunch of posts that I’ve been meaning to do for ages and that I’ve had in the back of my mind and the bottom of my blog post list so I wanted to just get them all up and on to the blog. I also thought this would be a great opportunity to force myself to get organised and get working harder as that’s something I’ve been lacking a bit lately. So to start off this procession of posts I thought I should do a little facts about me as it’s not something I’ve done before!

  1. I’m 5ft tall.
  2. Despite looking about 18 I am 25.
  3. I have a photography degree.
  4. I’ve been with my boyfriend Lee for 3 and a half years.
  5. I have two cats.
  6. But I love dogs just as much.
  7. I constantly use lip balm.
  8. I love pastels, florals and other cute things.
  9. But also really love monochrome and minimalism.
  10. These two sides of me often conflict each other.
  11. Scotland is one of my very favourite places.
  12. I have seven tattoos, four of which are unfinished.
  13. My most used emojis are ☺️????
  14. I cut my own hair into a pixie cut a few years ago.
  15. I get scared really easily and jump at everything.
  16. Sixteen is my lucky number.

I’d love to know some more about you too, leave me a comment telling me a few facts about yourself! If you really want to know even more about me then go and watch my photograph my life video!

You can find all my posts for the month in the everydayMay tag.

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