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7 Tips For Packing Beauty Products

7 Tips For Packing Beauty Products

7 Tips For Packing Beauty Products


I’m not one of those people that jets off around the world every other week, unfortunately, but as I’m in a long distance relationship (with someone who can’t drive and who is allergic to my cats so can’t come to my house) I end up being away from home rather a lot. Whether that’s simply going to Lee’s house or if we go somewhere together for a few days. As a result of this, I’ve gotten pretty good at packing lightly when it comes to beauty and makeup products. 


7 Tips For Packing Beauty Products miniature makeup samples benefit

Decant things

A while ago I bought a little pack from Waitrose so I could put shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and more into smaller bottles and tubs. It also very handily comes in a clear resealable bag that’s made to the size requirements of a carry on liquids bag. It may not look very glamorous but it’s damn useful and a space saver, especially putting moisturisers into the little pots to save taking big tubs and tubes. I also use one of the little sample pots from Lush to put a few pumps of my foundation into, huge space saver.


Solid perfume

You know when you pack your perfume and you just worry that it’s going to smash and leak onto everything in your bag? Solid perfume is seriously amazing for preventing that from ever happening, they also usually come in a small enough container that it’ll save you space and it’ll be light enough to pop in your handbag to reapply regularly. Diptyque do solid versions of their perfumes or if you want one that’s more budget friendly then try Zoella Beauty.



Besides looking freaking adorable, these are an obvious space saver. And don’t just buy them, save the ones you get in gift sets at Christmas. Save the samples you get in magazines, these are particularly great for overnight stays or festivals where you want something more disposable. Benefit are a fab brand for doing miniatures of products. Even using miniature (i.e. shorter) brushes can help!


Multi-purpose products

Can you use that eyeshadow as a highlight too? That lip tint as a blush (ahem, Benefit Posietint)? Contour colour for eyebrows? You get the idea, all over products are ideal for travelling as it can really cut down the amount of makeup you’re taking. I also try to use the smallest and most lightweight version of everything I have.


Use one large vanity bag

I only recently started doing this but it’s so handy to have a case that’s big enough to put all your toiletries, skincare, haircare and makeup in to keep everything in one place, no more rummaging around your suitcase for your deodorant that just wouldn’t quite fit in your wash bag. I just have a plain black one from Primark (as seen in my haul video) but how cute is this Paul & Joe vanity bag?!


Use powder products 

Wherever possible, avoid liquids and creams that might melt and leak, especially if you’re going on a flight. I’ve even had lip balms melt into an uncontrollable mess so keep that in mind. If you have any liquid products then make sure you test them beforehand to make sure they won’t leak out all over your other things.


Use wipes

I know, face wipes are horrible and the spawn of satan, I get it. But they’re so much easier to pack. Depending what kind of holiday you’re going on, do you really want to be dealing with a full skincare routine at the end of a long and exciting day? I tend to just use a face wipe and then toner (I have the miniature simple toner) which seems to do the trick. Or if I’m wanting a good clean I’ll just make sure to have a night time shower and give my face a good old scrub. 


Another type of wipe that is really handy is nail remover wipes. I have to admit the ones I have aren’t fantastic and smell very strongly but they do the job (I haven’t used the ‘new formulation’ ones so they might be better now). Another alternative is polish remover pots, I have the Choc Pot one by Ciaté and it’s actually pretty darn good!



So those are all the tips and tricks I could think of for ways to not take your entire makeup and beauty collection on holiday with you. I hope this is at least somewhat useful and if you have anything to add then I’d love to know what your tips are!


7 Tips For Packing Beauty Products


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