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An Afternoon At The Beach | All Black in Summer OOTD

An Afternoon At The Beach | All Black in Summer OOTD

summer beach outfit grwm

all black outfit summer beach fashion
Cardigan – Primark  |  Top – Brandy Melville  |  Shorts – Primark  |  Jelly Shoes – Primark

monochrome summer outfit

I spent the day driving around West Wales with my family at the end of last week, me and my mum used to do this a lot the first couple of years I lived in Swansea and she would come visit me. We ended up at a beach on the estuary in Llansteffan. We had been before on one of our previous trips and it was somewhere I always meant to take Lee before we moved but I could never remember what this mysterious beach with the cafe that had ‘not great but okay’ cream tea and a ruined old castle up on the hill. 

As you can probably tell, it was pretty windy down there but it was nice nonetheless to stretch my legs after a couple hours of driving. I also shot a beach GRWM video this day so hopefully that will be up very soon (I haven’t looked at the footage yet, it’s quite possibly just terrible).

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