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Blogger Advice – How To Take Fashion OOTD Photos

Blogger Advice – How To Take Fashion OOTD Photos

Blogger Advice - How To Take Fashion OOTD Photos

I’m certainly not saying that my fashion photos are the best thing since sliced bread but recently I’ve seen so many (like SO MANY) bloggers saying that they want to do more fashion and OOTD posts but don’t know where to start/have nowhere to take photos/don’t have the confidence/have no one to help/etc. etc. This genuinely surprised me as I find this the most enjoyable and easiest type of post and photos to create! So I wanted to put together some tips that will hopefully help some of you 🙂

Feeling Confident in Front of the Camera

Just practice! It really will get easier each time you get in front of the camera.

Be alone. Try taking photos with just the camera on a tripod rather than someone else taking photos of you at least to begin with. I still do this sometimes and find it somewhat therapeutic (but that might just be the art student in me – I spent a whole year of my degree effectively just taking selfies).

Know your angles. This is something I don’t have completely down (but I’m also not that bothered about having slightly unflattering photos) but knowing your ‘best side’ or a foolproof pose can really help.

Finding a Location

Go for a stroll. If you don’t have enough the perfect instagrammable (totally a word) house or garden, which I most certainly don’t, then take a walk down your street or around the corner and you might be surprised at what you find.

Make a day of it. Do you go on lots of day trips to places? I do fairly often so I try to make the most of the new and exciting scenery by taking outfit photos there. Pretty gardens, random city streets, harbours, the beach, mountains – all places I’ve taken outfit photos!

Get cultured. If you absolutely can’t shoot in your house but need somewhere indoors (we all know what British weather is like) then museums and galleries (if photos are allowed) can be fabulous. I took a few whilst hiding from the cold in Edinburgh

Work with what you’ve got. If you’re just looking for a plain background and have no empty wall space you could try hanging a bed sheet in front of your wardrobe or a shelving unit (i.e. a large piece of furniture that will fill the frame).

I think I’ll leave it there for now and perhaps revisit this topic in the future, if there’s anything you’d like to know then leave me a comment below! Do you have any tips you want to share? 

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