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Bucket Bag DIY & OOTD | Hillary’s Craft Competition

Bucket Bag DIY & OOTD | Hillary’s Craft Competition

DIY Bucket Bag Hillary's Craft Competition

Hillary’s Blinds have put on a  crafting competition where they have sent out 1 metre of fabric that you get to choose from their new range and create anything you want with it! I have been wanting a bucket bag for so long, but I also don’t see them as that practical (I like bags with pockets and compartments inside so that I can get to things easily) so I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one. Cue the DIY bucket bag! 

Upholstery fabric is perfect for creating more structured items so this style of bag is great as it’s not supposed to flop over too much. I decided to pair it with some faux leather to give it a bit more durability and I love the juxtaposition between the edgy black leather and the delicate floral print.

Here’s how I made it in 10 steps –

What you’ll need

  • Faux leather and upholstery fabric (or any fabric of your choice)
  • Eyelets (I got mine in a little kit at Dunelm)
  • Sewing machine (you could hand stitch but make sure you stitch it secure enough!)
  • Thread, or similar for the drawstring

1. Use a plate or similar round object in the size that you want to create an outline for the base of the bag and cut out, adding seam allowance.

2. Measure the circumference of your circle to find the width of the body of the bag.

3. Use the width measurement combined with the height that you would like the bag to be to mark out where to cut the pieces. Remember to add seam allowance!

4. Sew the pieces of the body together (if you are using different fabrics like I am) and then attach the base.

5. Make your strap and attach each end to the edges of the bag, right sides together.

6. Make your lining by following steps 1-4 in your lining fabric and sew to the top edge of the bag with the right sides together (you will probably only be able to sew about two thirds of the way around and then leave a gap which you can then topstitch in place) or topstitch all the way around.

7. Push the lining into the bag so that the top part of your bag folds into it also.

8. For extra security, stitch the straps again at the new top of the bag.

9. Pierce/cut holes around the top panel and add the eyelets.

10. Braid your thread to make a drawstring and put it through the eyelets, adding a stopper if wanted.

DIY Bucket Bag Hillary's Craft Competition

all black outfit summer

DIY Bucket Bag Hillary's Craft Competition

DIY Bucket Bag Hillary's Craft Competition

DIY Bucket Bag Hillary's Craft Competition

What do you think of this bag, would you give it a go? What would you make from 1 metre square of fabric?

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