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Cute Coat Hanger Tutorial | DIY

Cute Coat Hanger Tutorial | DIY

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I’ve been making these super cute coat hangers for a while now as I wanted to make my wardrobe look a little prettier and it’s super easy to do.

What you’ll need

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  • Triangle shaped coat hangers. I got these ones from Poundworld.
  • Long, pretty ribbons (I’d recommend about 2m for each hanger)
  • Tape

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Tape one end of your ribbon to the end of the hook of your coat hanger.

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Wrap the ribbon around the coat hanger, going down one side once you’ve done the hook.

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When you get all the way around back to the bottom of the hook just loop it around and put the end through and pull (aka. tie a knot).

You can trim off the extra ribbon and finish here or continue if you want to make a bow.

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To make a bow with the end of the ribbon make a loop and wrap the end around it and push the centre through the hole (like when tying shoe laces). Then just take the end of the ribbon that’s left and move it to the back of the hanger and put it through one of the loops to secure it then trim the end off.

All done!

Make a bunch of them, put your favourite clothes on them and hang them up!

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