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Home is Where The Heart Is

Home is Where The Heart Is

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You may or may not know that I happen to have a degree in photographic arts, and you most likely don’t know that my degree show work was based mostly around the home, my family home where I am currently back living to be precise. So when I was contacted by Ocean Loans to take part in their autumn polaroid pictures project I couldn’t say no. They kindly sent me a Fujifilm instax camera to take some photographs around my house to showcase the season. 

Autumn is my favourite season so I wanted to capture it’s beauty in some way. I walked around my house and in the garden to find what felt like home, my cat(s) seemed an obvious choice, especially as she also happens to be autumnal colours. Leaves changing colour is my very favourite thing about this time of year so I had to get a shot of the bright red ones on the wall, and what are the colder months if not the perfect time for staying in bed with a cup of tea?

I’d love to know your favourite things about autumn, leave me a comment below!

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