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You know what doesn’t get enough love these days? Magazines. It’s all blog this and blog that and online articles. But what about the original inspiration for these things? I still love to read magazines (hence my need of this magazine holder DIY) and I feel like they don’t get that much love these days. I thought I’d share with you which ones I’ve been loving.


I’ve read Grazia on and off for years because the lady I house sit for has a subscription to it so it’s always laying around the house. I love that’s it’s such an easy read and there are always fabulous things in the fashion section. Granted they are mostly fabulous things that I can’t afford but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy looking at them. The latest issue which is a Back To Cool special (with the current highest paid actress in hollywood J-Law on the cover) and has the amazing ShoesPaper as an added bonus too. If you can’t get to the shop quick enough then make sure you check out the GraziaDaily site to keep up to date with fashion news and posts.

grazia magazine shoespaper

Oh Comely

What a fabulous magazine Oh Comely is, I must admit there are sometimes articles in it that I’m just not interested in which doesn’t happen so much with the more mainstream magazines (because I’m all about those Cosmo sex tips *cough*hope you detect the sarcasm there*cough*) but the quality and aesthetic is always beautiful.


This is such a classic magazine, and I must admit that I don’t buy it often but I try to collect one from every country that I’ve visited. Unfortunately I started this after I’d already been to a few countries so I think I only have Italy, USA, France and UK but nonetheless I do enjoy a good perusal of those fashion shoots even if I do have to sift through a thousand adverts to get to them.

What are your favourite magazines?

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