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The Motel Solar System Dress | OOTD

The Motel Solar System Dress | OOTD

motel solar system dress

As you can probably tell from my lack of black tights, winter coat, scarf and hat, these photos are from a little while ago. Back at the end of August I believe. I didn’t get round to posting this for whatever reason so I decided to pop them up now.

How gorgeous is this dress though? It was only a coincidence that we took these photos in the moonlight but now I can’t imagine a more perfect setting for this night sky dress. I’ve always loved solar system prints and anything with constellations/zodiac related images so this dress has become one of my absolute faves.

I hadn’t shopped at Motel for such a long time but Luisa posted a photo wearing this dress so naturally I asked where it was from and proceeded to buy it immediately! I love it so much and this print comes in a few other styles too which is amazing, I’m super tempted to get the others too. The fabric is also really soft and quite thick, it’s lovely quality!

This sunset was a particularly lovely one, it was so still and mild, I didn’t feel cold even with just a dress. It was so nice to just sit on the cliff tops and watch the sun setting over the water.

The dress is still available and I’m still wearing it in the colder weather, just adding tights and a cosy cardigan on top!



motel solar system dress

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