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My Year In Outfits 2015

My Year In Outfits 2015

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I did this post at the end of last year too. This was actually quite difficult to choose so I’ve selected one outfit from each month of the year, which was still surprisingly hard haha. I guess I liked quite a few of my outfits this year! 

January | White Leggings & Windy Winter OOTD

I remember this day, it was when we had a week of really really windy weather and I thought it would be fun to take photos in the wind, I’m actually still quite pleased with the outcome of some of them. Also who else kind of misses my white hair?

February | The Elephant House Edinburgh Review & OOTD

This is a very colourful outfit for me, but I suppose it’s hard not to look colourful with blue hair. This was in Edinburgh, we went to The Elephant House for lunch which was lovely, I miss Scotland.

March | Having Pink Hair

Some friends and I went on a little trip to Bluestone and this was one day that we went exploring the fabulous beaches of West Wales. Marie took these photos and I love them.

April | Sports Chic

We’ve spent quite a few afternoons wandering around Gloucester Quays, it’s a lovely place and the AllSaints outlet is a bit of an added bonus. Lee took these photos as we walked around in the setting sun.

May | Among The Fields

I love the yellow rapeseed fields that appear in the Spring, they add so much lovely colour to the countryside so of course I had to take some photos in one.

June | The Skirt That No One Likes

This was in the Isle of Wight, I still can’t get over how gorgeous and clear the sea is there, I really did not know it was possible in Britain for the sea to look that lovely.

July | Head In The Clouds

I loved the Sky Garden (for the most part), I went to London more than usual over the Summer and I loved it, I love being in the city and I love that there are incredible things like this there.

August | Summer Goth

Matching my shorts to my hair is pretty fun. Looking back at these photos of my with such bright hair is a bit strange, I loved the pink but I forgot just how bright it was when it was fresh!

September | All That Glitters

Ah, the Lake District. I love this place. This was such a lovely holiday and I loved wearing this hat. I have a post all about my trip too.

October | Creepy Doll Halloween Costume

I love Halloween, I love dressing up. I did two costumes this year the other was a vampire but this was the most fun to do. I also have video tutorials for both of the makeup looks!

November | Velvet Tooth

This was the first outfit I photographed in front of the beautiful white wall. I don’t know if it’s just the time of year but the light here is rather lovely.

December | Bokeh

It was hardest for me to choose an outfit from December because I’ve done more than usual this month for my party lookbook and new year’s eve outfit series.

What are your favourite outfits from 2015? I hope you’ve had a lovely year and that 2016 is even better!

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