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My Room Tour Before & After | Video

bedroom room tour before and after

I love watching room tour videos and I’ve wanted to do one for a while but alas my room has been a complete state since I moved back home and had to squish basically a whole house worth of things into one not very large room. I’ve finally sorted it out to a degree where I don’t think it’s going to look much better so I’ve decided to share. It’s not exactly Pinterest worthy like most of the rooms you see on youtube, but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us don’t have rooms and cool loft apartments like that. 

So here is my perfectly ordinary room! I’ve even included some ‘before’ footage so you can see just how messy I am in reality and hopefully how much I’ve improved it! I should be moving in the next few months so that’s why I haven’t bothered with any major changes.

I have a post full of photos of my room at university so go check that out if you want to see more!

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