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Quick & Easy Ikea Hack – Flyt Magazine File

Quick & Easy Ikea Hack – Flyt Magazine File

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This DIY is super easy and affordable but can make such a huge difference and brighten up your shelves. You could make them to match each other or have all different colours and styles. And the best part is that it would be just as easy to redo and change them up every once in a while. 

What you will need

  • Ikea Flyt Magazine File (or any other that you want to revamp!)
  • Wallpaper samples or wrapping paper, any kind of pretty paper that comes large enough
  • Double sided tape – you could use normal tape but I think double sided is neater
  • Pencil or pen for marking the paper

1. Step one – Tape one edge of the paper to the magazine file and wrap it all the way around, marking where the last edge reaches the paper.

flyt magazine file ikea hack DIY

flyt magazine file ikea hack DIY

2. Step two – Mark along the top edge of the file on the inside or outside of the paper, adding around an inch and cut along the lines.

flyt magazine file ikea hack DIY

3. Step three – Cut vertically into the excess that you left around the edges to make folding on the curves easier.

flyt magazine file ikea hack DIY

4. Step four – Fold down the paper inside and tape in place. I used regular tape because it’s a lot easier for this! Do the same for the bottom edges (step three isn’t needed for that).

flyt magazine file ikea hack DIY

And you’re done! Now just put in your favourite magazines or some school books or whatever you want to use your new pretty storage for. I use mine to keep books I’m currently reading and magazines and papers for DIY.

cute magazine files storage shelving

flyt magazine file ikea hack DIY

I think this is a great way to spruce up your filing and add some pattern in your room without being overwhelming, it would be a nice easy way to add pops of colour too if you have a plain colour scheme. Will you be trying out this DIY? Or have you done anything similar? I’d love to see!

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