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The Secret Side of Lanzarote

The Secret Side of Lanzarote

black sand beaches lanzarote

A couple of months ago, my housemates and I stumbled across the secret side of Lanzarote. When we were looking for a last minute holiday at the end of February, our main priority was that it was cheap. At first we were planning to drive to Belgium but then found some really cheap flights to Venice. We were super close to booking that trip to Venice but then looked at the weather and discovered it wasn’t any warmer than the UK. Then we found cheap flights to Lanzarote.

I had never had any desire to visit Lanzarote, I thought of it as most people do, a party island for lads holidays. That was until we realised it’s actually a beautiful volcanic island with mountains and black sand. It’s almost like a miniature and much warmer version of Iceland.

After seeing some rather impressive photos of the island we decided it was the perfect place. It’s cheap, (the holiday cost us under £200 each including food/petrol/spending money), has clear turquoise seas for swimming, was an ideal temperature at the beginning of March (around 22 degress with a gentle breeze), has mountains and volcanoes with easy but interesting walks, beautiful black sand beaches, and you can see the whole island in the time frame we had (~4 days). Watch my vlog from the trip below and carry on reading for details of the places we went and my photo diary. I’ve also posted about what I wore on the trip if you’re looking for some spring outfit inspiration.

So here’s a breakdown of our trip, where we went and what we did. The first day we arrived early evening so just went out to the supermarket and got settled into our Airbnb (you can get £25 off your first stay by signing up with my link btw).

Day One

Our first stop was at Janubio beach where we stopped to watch the waves crashing on to the shore. After that we headed north to El Golfo and Charco de los Clicos. We stopped in the town for ice lollies (I got a watermelon one that was delicious, you may have seen it on my Insta stories). After that we went down to Playa de Papagayo and then all the way up to Playa de Famara for sunset.

Day Two

The next day we made our way North to Haria for a wander. Then on to Caleton Blanco for some sea swimming, where I was thoroughly embarrassed both when I got scared of some fish and some older ladies laughed at me and again when I slipped and fell over. After drying off we went over to the cliffs by Mirador del Rio for sunset. This is what I’ve mostly posted on my Instagram as it was pretty darn cool.

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Day Three

Our first stop was Volcán El Cuervo for a stroll on the moon to inside of a volcano. This was one of my favourite things. Afterwards we went and found the village Tenesar which is right on the cliffs and a black sand beach. It was a little bit eerie but pretty cool. Later in the afternoon we went to Timanfaya National Park and did the bus tour. If you go after 3pm the price is reduced to €8 a person. I really enjoyed the tour as the scenery was amazing but it was a shame we couldn’t get proper photos as you can’t get off the bus. Our last sunset was spent at Playa de la Madera.


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