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The Black Maxi Dress That’s Actually A Midi Dress | OOTD

The Black Maxi Dress That’s Actually A Midi Dress | OOTD

all black outfit ootd brand new band tee
T Shirt – Brand New gig  |  Dress – Primark  |  Socks – Accessorise  |  Trainers – Nike

This is an outfit I wore in the Lake District (obviously). I thought about wearing my sandals with this outfit but I felt like I could get away with my trainers and frilly socks so I went for it because, you know, comfort. We ended up not walking all that far that day, it was about half an hour to this point from the car park and we didn’t go any further. 

It was a really lovely lake and we stopped at this spot for a while and had a bit of food and a rest (because uphill walks will always require a rest) but there were so many bugs on the walk to and from it that it spoiled it a little bit. The previous evening we had been to this lake and there were a lot of gnats but it didn’t really bother me. At this one though, there were full on fly type gross things all up in my face and boy did I get bitten to pieces, definitely the worst thing about nature. Oh well, I’m still glad we went there.

hipster glasses girl pink hair top knot band tee

lake district national park photography landscapenape undercut triangle pink hair

hipster girl pulling a funny face

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