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The Slouchy Knitted Jumper | OOTD

The Slouchy Knitted Jumper | OOTD

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primark floral dress

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This is the face I make when I trip over things…

Who doesn’t love a comfortable over sized jumper?

A few more photos than usual, this was such a lovely day. It was one of those times where I needed to balance on the fine line between comfort and fashion. I didn’t quite manage it unfortunately as after walking for 3 hours, my feet were hurting pretty bad in my chelsea boots that I mistakenly thought were super comfortable. To be fair to myself, I’ve never had them rub before even after wearing all day but I’ve also never walked in them for 3 hours solid, blisters are never fun. I would’ve worn my Nike flex runs but I was afraid of them getting muddy. Oh well.

I was going to label the items but then I realised that it’s all from Primark apart from the boots which are New Look Elmo Chelsea Boots. It got so warm in the sunshine on the way to the falls that I had to tie my jumper around my waist, I’m pretty sure I haven’t done that since I was in primary school!

Have you seen my vlog from this adventure? Check it out here on youtube or my photos of it here

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