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Ways To Use Art In Your Home

Ways To Use Art In Your Home

andy warhol quote poster

If you know me then it won’t come as a surprise that I’m quite the fan of art, I made the decision at age 14 when choosing my GCSE’s to focus my education on art based subjects and went on to study an art foundation course and then photography at university. You may have seen my Andy Warhol quote poster in my room tour video, I love this poster, it really sums me up and although I got mine in Stockholm you can actually buy it from the King & McGaw website.

It can seem daunting to know where to start when beginning an art collection but websites like King & McGaw make it easy and affordable. The easiest way to plan your art is to choose a theme, whether that’s a colour scheme, the style or the subject matter. Try browsing through the different website categories if you’re stuck for ideas (or visit this ideas page).

I’ve come up with some different ways that you can incorporate art and prints into your home.

Ways To Use Art In Your Home
decoupage drawers (source), gallery wall (source), glass top table (source)

Gallery Wall

Creating a gallery wall is certainly on trend at the moment and this is something you can do to suit your taste. Whether it’s a highly organised and aligned format or a mis match of different styles and quirkiness it’s bound to make a statement. 

Decoupage Drawers

This is something I’ve done to a few pieces of furniture (like this ikea chair and my matalan drawers), it can really change the look and depending on the adhesive you use it’s less permanent and much easier to change up than painting. Imagine an art print like these geometric owls divided across the front of a chest of drawers or cupboard doors, instant update.

Glass Table Top

My most popular post of all time is my Ikea Nesna hack and it’s so simple to pop something underneath a glass top table. This would be a fantastic way to display art as well as protecting it, it’s just like a frame but you get to see it every time you use your table. This could also easily be done with the Ikea Aneboda wardrobe doors and door shaped posters (I’ve done this to mine and I love it, you can see in my room tour video).

Are you looking to incorporate art in your home? It really adds that finishing touch to interior design.

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