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10 Glasses Wearer Problems

10 Glasses Wearer Problems

10 Glasses Wearer Problems

I’ve been a glasses wearer for most of my life, so over the years I’ve come across many issues of wearing glasses! I could probably add to this list quite a lot but I’ve narrowed it down. Let me know if you struggle with these things too, lets unite in our near-blindness.

1. Those days that you wear contact lenses or you just haven’t put your glasses on yet and you still go to push them up your nose.

2. Discovering that if you have large frames that touch your face, they will give you spots. No matter how often you clean them.

3. When you get a new pair or start wearing contacts and suddenly become a completely different person.

4. Activities are stressful; how are we supposed to swim? Are 3D films supposed to be a struggle of comfort versus actually seeing the film?

5. Rain.

6. Having to get the angle just right when taking selfies wearing glasses to avoid glare giving you creepy robot eyes.

7. That very narrow eye makeup line between looking like you haven’t bothered and it seeming as though you’re wearing two pairs of glasses.

8. When you can’t find your glasses because you can’t see without your glasses.

9. Sunglasses. Do I wear contacts so I can get fun glasses like everyone else or pay a fortune for prescription lenses?

10. Smudges. Never-ending smudges.

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