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3 Quick & Easy Festival Fashion No Sew DIY | Video

3 Quick & Easy Festival Fashion No Sew DIY | Video

3 Quick & Easy No Sew DIY for festival fashion

I made some super simple DIYs that I think would be great to rock at a festival this Summer (or Spring if you’re going to Coachella!) and I have a festival look book using these things too so make sure you check that out if you liked this tutorial!

Here’s a step by step for each of the DIYs with the timings in the video:

1. Shredded Top

I used a vest dress from Primark for mine as I wanted it to be long. I had already started mine, as you can see, I cut three sections along the hem to mark out how far across I wanted to go for each of those parts before cutting off the rest of the hem and adding more shreds in between. Honestly, this can take a little whilst to do depending on how shredded you want it to be and how easy it is to pull apart the fabric!

  1. Cut off the hem (0.23)
  2. Find a starting point and stretch fabric width-ways, take a needle and put it into the fabric underneath the top row of thread and pull it upwards (0.51) – you will get a few strands at first that have been cut but keep going down the layers of threads until you can get them all the way across.
  3. Once you get into the fabric a bit, you’ll be able to pull at it and a lot of the time you can do several rows at once so it becomes much faster (1.09)
  4. Keep going!

2. Fringe Skirt

This is super simple to do if you already have a maxi skirt that you want to cut up. I used a front split skirt from Primark that I’ve never worn in the two years I’ve had it. Just make sure your skirt is made from t-shirt type material or it will fray when you cut it!

  1. Turn the skirt inside out and mark how far up you want the fringe to go whilst you’re wearing it, bearing in mind it might need to be a little longer at the back than the front, join up the lines (1.43)
  2. Cut off the hem (1.55)
  3. Turn offcuts into cat toy (2.11)
  4. Lay it out flat and begin cutting strips up to about an inch wide all the way up to where you drew the line (2.23)
  5. Once they’re all cut, pull on each strand (I wanted to say octopus tentacle but that sounds mean and animal cruelty is bad) to stretch it out and make it more stringy (2.38) – putting it in the washing machine should also do this but put it in a garment bag to help stop it from tangling up!

3. Floral Bracelet

This is a super easy way to crochet and can be done, in theory, with any amount of strands (I’ve only tried it with one and two). This could be used for any number of things other than a bracelet, like a headband or a necklace and you could even add in beads between the knots as you go along. So pick some pretty coloured ribbon and follow the steps below!

  1. Make a loop towards one end with the two strands together (3.09)
  2. Push part of the longer end through the loop, but not all the way through (3.15)
  3. Pull down on the shorter end to make a knot (3.18)
  4. Repeat!
  5. Remember to check the length of it as you go along (3.45)
  6. When you’ve gotten to the length you want it, simply tie a knot in the end by feeding the rest of the ribbon all the way through the last loop you made (3.50)
  7. Cut off the excess ribbon (3.59)
  8. I used wired paper flowers to decorate mine by poking them through the holes and wrapping the stem around the ribbon a few times to keep it in place (4.04)
  9. Add as many as you like and you’re done!

What do you think of my simple DIYs? Would you wear them and are you going to any festivals this year?

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