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9 Short Girl Perks

9 Short Girl Perks

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Everyone seems to focus on the negative things about being short, but frankly I think there are so many more advantages to being on the petite side than not. So here are my favourite short girl perks!

  1. Being able to fit in small spaces
  2. Always having enough leg room
  3. Fitting into kids clothes (so cute and so cheap!)
  4. People will always think you’re cute
  5. It’s way easier to get through crowds of people
  6. Never hitting your head on things
  7. You can wear heels like skyscrapers and no one notices
  8. Curling up and taking a nap is doable just about anywhere (very handy on long journeys)
  9. Larger people can be used as shields – I’ve done this with Lee plenty of times “stand this side of me so the wind stops making me cold”

Let me know if you’re also vertically challenged and what your favourite thing about being short is!

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