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Closet Confidential – Spice Up Your Life | OOTD

Closet Confidential – Spice Up Your Life | OOTD

grunge varsity 90s fashion outfit

I saw the fabulous Claire do this post a while back and I’ve been meaning to do it since. I love that clothes can have a story and can have so many memories attached to them. So I wanted to share the little story of my camouflage crop top.

This is almost definitely the oldest piece of clothing in my wardrobe, aside from vintage finds. I think this is from the late 90s. It was definitely the Spice Girls era, and I had it as a hand me down and I’m 90% sure there were matching trousers at one point. I’ve actually worn it more since then than I did when it was first popular. I had a phase in my foundation year of wearing it as a bralette under big baggy open sided tops, I kept saying that I was bringing camo back. I did not bring camo back. I also wore it in my second year of uni to a 90s themed party and I have to say it really completed the outfit. 

I actually do still like this top, though it has become more of a bra top than a crop top since I grew actual boobs. It’s the only thing in camouflage print that I’ve ever liked. Probably because it usually comes in hues of green and brown and we all know my distaste for green.

grunge varsity 90s fashion outfit grey hair

grunge varsity 90s fashion outfit

grunge varsity 90s fashion outfit camo crop top spice girls

Make sure you check out my story of the granny coat too that I posted a couple weeks ago!

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