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Dreaming of the Space Above

Dreaming of the Space Above

loft conversion inspiration

I’ve been having conversations with my mum
about the house lately and how we could make it more functional for us, in fact
this is something we often discuss. And one thing that comes up over and over
again is the possibility of a loft conversion. We have visions of a bright and
airy dormer windowed master bedroom with en suite bathroom and the current
small box room would house the staircase and become a dressing room or office. It would be filled with tonnes of built in storage to utilise the spaces where the roof comes too low.


The main reason for these talks is that the
house never seems to work for us. There should be enough room in a three
bedroom house for two people to live comfortably but somehow there are spaces
overflowing and every corner houses something that shouldn’t be there. But as
much as the house lacks storage and functionality we love it and it’s been home
for over 18 years now.


I’ve been looking at some loft conversion inspiration (the Building Inspiration site has videos of real spaces that have
been converted and has the budget and timescale they were done with too, so
helpful!) but I still find it difficult to imagine that this could be what the
house looks like. My current thoughts of the attic space are dark, cold and
cobwebby. So the idea that it could look something like the beautiful spaces
that are littered all over Pinterest seems incredible. I think creating more
space is usually the main goal of a loft conversion and it can make a huge
difference. There’s also the added bonus of it adding value to the property,
which is something my mum is taking into consideration as she dreams of selling up and moving
closer to the seaside (5 miles away isn’t quite close enough apparently).


After all this daydreaming and planning
though we have to remember that unfortunately these things cost quite a bit of
money so it’s probably not going to be able to happen for at least a few years.
Anyone want to come and do it for free?



What would you do with your house if you
had the chance? If money were no object then there would be extensions galore
for me as well as the loft conversion!

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