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How To Pack For A Winter Holiday

How To Pack For A Winter Holiday

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How To Pack For A Winter Holiday


These tips may not be anything new but I’m currently planning what I’m going to be taking on my holiday to the Scottish Highlands (yes, again) and I thought it might be helpful to turn my thoughts and plans into a post and a video (watch below)! This is mostly aimed at the sort of trip where you might be outside a lot, i.e. hiking or skiing or something as that is what my holiday is (hiking, not skiing unfortunately) but I’m sure it will mostly apply to a winter city break as well.

If you want to see what I got up to on my last winter trip to the Highlands then watch this vlog, and our last trip there was in the summer which I put into two vlogs right here and also here. And yes, there will be a new vlog of this trip too!

If you’re looking for tips on packing beauty products then I have a whole other post about that.

Get great essentials

A lot can be said for great basics and essentials. Here’s a list of what my necessities are in terms of clothing and keeping warm.


  • Hat – any hat will be better than no hat but try and get one that’s suited to what you’re doing and preferably has some wool content to keep you really toasty. It’s the easiest thing to take on and off if your temperature changes so it’d be silly not to have one to hand. If you’re not into ear muffs then get a hat that will also cover your ears. I’m currently loving ribbed ones with pom poms!
  • Scarf – it’s no secret that I love a good scarf no matter the weather, but having a lightweight and warm scarf to keep your neck and chest warm can make all the difference. Personally, I like to have a blanket scarf as even though it’s not the most practical when walking/hiking etc. it can double up as a blanket or a shawl, plus the extra fabric really does lock the warmth in!
  • Gloves – or mittens. I actually find mittens warmer than gloves but alas they’re not as practical. If you get a pair of well fitting gloves (that also have touchscreen friendly fingers) then you can still go about your activities whilst wearing them and avoid getting frostbite!
  • Socks – warm, thick socks are basically a wardrobe staple for me. Don’t layer up too many pairs of socks as this can restrict the blood flow to your feet and make them much, much colder. It’s much better to wear just one pair of good quality thermal socks (perhaps with one normal pair underneath).
  • Thermals – some people feel the cold more than others so this might not be completely necessary for everyone, but I think it’s always good to start with a cosy thermal under layer to put your clothes on top of.
  • Comfortable shoes – by comfortable I also mean practical. Depending on where you’re going, there’s bound to be more likelihood of rain or snow or both during the winter and having wet feet is never fun. Get some waterproof shoes, I live in my Docs when I have to walk around in the snow

Wear the biggest things – obviously

A very obvious point, but don’t try and pack your huge padded coat or your big bulky boots. Just wear them whilst you’re travelling. If you get too hot in the coat then carry it over your arm. I think this is also a good way to make sure you’re not taking too much stuff. If it won’t fit in your suitcase and you’re already wearing other big layers then you probably don’t need it.

Half what you think you need

Don’t overpack. It can be tempting to keep adding things in because you want to layer and layer and layer but if you choose each item carefully then this won’t be necessary. If you’re wearing regular socks underneath then you probably only need two or three pairs of thick socks for over the top. You also don’t really need more than one of each accessory either, one scarf, one hat, one pair of gloves (two pairs if they’re not waterproof, wet gloves suck).

Use versatile clothing

This is relevant to any kind of packing, if you can mix and match what you take then you won’t need as much. Get a coat that goes with all of your outfits, a jumper that can double up as a sweater dress, jeans that can be dressed up or down, etc.

Are there any packing tips that you would add? Remember to take a look at my post on packing beauty products too!

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