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To Italy We Go

To Italy We Go

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Okay so I’m not actually going to Italy anytime soon but since Lee got a passport a few months ago I’ve done a lot of thinking about the places we could now go. I’ve been to Italy before but only to Milan and that was 10 years ago (almost to the day, I went for my 17th birthday!). I’ve always wanted to see more of the country, a trip exploring the whole of Italy would be amazing. So I thought I would make a bit of a plan that I can refer back to when we’re pondering over trips we could take.



Italy has a lot of famous landmarks but the leaning tower of Pisa is probably at the top of the list for most people and it is situated in the beautiful region of Tuscany, definitely one to tick off the list. For dreamy accommodation, I’ve had a little look at villas to rent in Tuscany and they are to die for. Heading further inland you get to the capital of Florence which is the home of the Uffizi Gallery which is full of Renaissance art that I adore. I’ve seen a handful of incredible paintings in galleries here in the UK but seeing works like The Birth of Venus in its birthplace would be amazing. I found this guide to the lesser known but still completely worth seeing towns around Tuscan and everywhere just looks perfect, doesn’t it?

Heading South (via a little visit to Volterra, for reasons) through Val d’Orcia which looks so picturesque it’s unreal, I would stop at the small medieval towns and castles (you’d think living in Wales and being surrounded by castles would make me not as interested in them but I actually love them!) and admire the rolling hills. The next stop would be the little island of Elba for its breathtaking beaches. I’m not actually super into beaches but the water looks so blue and beautiful I wouldn’t want to miss it!



When in Rome…see all the classic sites! There aren’t a lot of European cities that I still really want to go to but Rome is one of them. The architecture looks incredible, particularly at quartiere Coppedè with the variety of styles of buildings, and wandering around the Colosseum must be so amazing, especially as it’s just finished being restored. There’s so much history in this city, I’m sure it would take a lifetime to discover it all.

I think it would be an actual crime to not get some Gelato in Rome so that would probably be the first thing on my list to be honest. I have such a sweet tooth so I’m sure it would be heaven. Speaking of food, it would be ideal to go to Naples for some delicious dishes but after browsing pizza and pasta places in Rome I’m not sure it would be necessary! I’m suddenly craving allll the carbs.

As I mentioned, I’m quite the art fan so there’s no way I could miss seeing the Sistine Chapel and Michaelangelo’s iconic work on the ceiling. Just visiting the Vatican would be a cool experience in itself. Taking a walk along the Appian Way, although probably not down the whole length of it, is on the list, along with a visit to the Campo dei Fiori markets. I love a good market in this country and I remember finding a cool one in Milan so I would be super keen to browse more in Italy!


Lake Garda

Heading all the way back North, I’ve always wanted to visit Lake Garda. The combination of mountains and lakes whilst also being in fairly close proximity to the cities of Milan and Venice make it a pretty perfect destination for those wanting a variety. It would be great to spend a few days hiking and exploring the mountains and another few days lounging and relaxing on the lake shore, and going out on a boat trip for sunset. It’s also the kind of place that would be amazing at any time of year, in sunshine or in snow.

Once we were finished at the lake, I’d head for fair Verona. I loved studying Romeo and Juliet in school so exploring the setting of the story would make my teenage self very happy indeed. Once I had satisfied my Shakespeare craving I would make my way over to Venice. I’ve heard a lot of good and bad things about Venice but I still think it would be worth visiting. Despite the smell that I’m sure we’ve all heard about (or experienced), the winding little canals look too cute not to see and take a gondola down. Admiring the city from the top of the Campanile for the perfect view with the Dolomites in the distance is the kind of sight that I adore. I also think it would be pretty cool to see both the Meditteranean and Adriatic seas in one visit!


So that would be the basis for my trip around Italy, I could easily add more places along the way but it might take a lifetime to see everything that’s worth seeing in Italy!

Have you been to any of the places that I mentioned? I’d love to know what you thought! And I’m totally not jealous at all…

Where is a place that you want to visit sometime, I want to hear all about it!


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