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Nesna Bedside Table DIY | Ikea Hacks

Nesna Bedside Table DIY | Ikea Hacks

This is so simple I don’t think it can really be considered a ‘hack’ but I didn’t know what else to call it. If you love the look of the matching floral chair you can find the post here Snille Chair Ikea Hack! You may have noticed my bedside table in my room tour post and in my updated room tour video, so here’s how I made it.

Nesna Ikea hack bedside table floral furniture window seat Upcycle

Last summer I really wanted a nice bedside table for my room back home as I didn’t have one at all so of course, I had a little look on the Ikea website ’cause who doesn’t love an excuse to go to Ikea? I came across the Nesna table and I was a little bit skeptical as it was only £7 I thought it might be a bit flimsy or something and I thought the top might be just plastic, not glass (although I just noticed it now specifies in the description that it is glass) but I went to look at it in-store and it is a fabulous little table, so I bought it – obviously! And I liked it so much that I took it back to my current house with me.

Nesna Ikea hack bedside table floral furniture window seat

So this is the product photo from the Ikea website, it comes flat packed though which makes things a bit easier. I did this little DIY before I properly started this blog so I didn’t feel much need to take photos of the process. What I did was so simple though I can just explain it and I’m sure you’ll get the idea!


Nesna Ikea hack bedside table floral furniture window seat wallpaper Upcycle

Steps to make your table pretty:

  1. Paint all the pieces white, or indeed any colour you want. I used emulsion paint as that’s what I had.
  2. Find something pretty (paper, fabric, or something else that might be suitable) and cut it to the same size as the glass panel. I used wallpaper (it was just a sample that I took an obscene amount of because it was super pretty, sshhhh).
  3. Once the paint is dry and you’ve done a sufficient amount of coats then just put it all together! Just carefully slide the paper underneath the glass top when putting it in. This was actually a fair bit more difficult than I thought it would be and ended up taping it around the edges of the glass to make it stay in place).

And that’s it! There are obviously more things you could do with this table but this was how I imagined having it when I bought it and I’m super pleased with it!



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