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Snille Chair DIY | Ikea Hacks

Snille Chair DIY | Ikea Hacks

This an easy way to update a plastic chair that you may already have or if you can’t find a chair to co-ordinate with your room and other furniture then why not make it?

This is my second ‘Ikea hack’ post, check out the first here where I made an easy transformation to a £7 bedside table. 


The chair I used for this DIY is the Ikea Snille Visitor’s Chair. I’ve had this in pink for quite a few years so for £12 I think it’s pretty darn good value.

mod podge diy chair floral summer chair cute girly easy diy

Again, unfortunately, I don’t have photos of the process (or at least any that I think are worth sharing) but I’m going to let you in on a secret, all I did to create this super pretty chair was rip and glue paper!


 Below are the steps I took:


snille chair decoupage mod podge wallpaper fun easy diy



  1.  Obtain some thick, patterned paper and an appropriate adhesive (I used wallpaper and wallpaper paste).
  2. Rip or cut out different parts that you want to use (I would do this little by little so that you can make pieces fit in with each other a bit better)
  3. Decide on a rough placement for the pieces in the section you are doing (tip: smaller pieces will be much easier to manipulate in curves and corners)
  4. Slap on some paste (with a paintbrush is easiest) to the back of your pieces and glue them down, overlapping them to make sure there are no gaps.
  5. Put some glue over the top of each piece as you go along to secure it further and to seal it.
  6. Repeat until the chair is covered to your satisfaction (I didn’t bother doing the underneath).
  7. Once the glue is dry, go over it all with a new layer of glue to give it extra durability – I did this a few times.


I’d love to see any similar DIY’s you’ve done, leave a comment below 🙂

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