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How I’m Leading a More Considered Life

I’ve been interested in minimalism and sustainability for a good few years now. I haven’t written about this previously as I am still a fair way away from the end…

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Snapshots From Snowdonia

I’ve been to Snowdonia a fair few times now so I just wanted to share some photos from our recent visit. We only went for a few days so didn’t get…

Sustainable Shopping

My Favourite Walks in Snowdonia | AD

  We went up to North Wales for a few days recently and in between the rain, we did some walking and adventuring. We didn’t do as much as we…

Mom Jeans of Dreams

I never thought that I would succumb to mom jeans, but alas, here I am. The comfort is obviously something that I’ve always been on board with, but I never…

Fashion Inspiration From Grazia | AD

I’ve been feeling a bit unmotivated lately when it comes to fashion content, which is a bit sad for me as that was the whole reason that I started a…

A Day Out in Bristol

I love having a little day trip to places and Bristol is one of my favourites. It’s only an hour or so from Cardiff and just makes for a nice…