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Tartan and Black | OOTD

Tartan and Black | OOTD

Tartan tights plaid scarf leather jacket ootd


Tartan tights plaid scarf leather jacket ootd

White hair for winter

girl with white hair in the forest autumn leaves woods

Leather jacket tartan scarf

Forever 21 cut out brogue shoes with tartan tights autumn leaves

autumn winter forest trees


Matching prints can be weird (see my full on tartan look here) but I think pairing with black and separating the top and the bottom can make it work. This was such a lovely little walk in the woods and the lighting was lovely, I took this instagram photo there and it just makes me happy looking at it, I really enjoy being outdoors on days like these even if it’s super chilly and I might get muddy feet it’s just nice to explore the little areas around you.


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