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Ways To Wear Coloured Tights

Ways To Wear Coloured Tights

It’s getting pretty chilly outside and I love to spice up the colder months with a bit of colour so what better way than to get the coloured tights out! Here are a few ways that I would wear them:

Complimentary Colour Palette 

Browns, greens and other earthy tones all work well together – just look at the colours of the trees for inspiration!

Using an Accent Colour
Pick out a colour from within an item of clothing and match it to your tights

Pattern Match
So this was just for a little bit of fun as I happen to own several tartan items but hey if it’s your thing to go all out on your patterns then go for it!

Use the Same Colour Family

Find varying shades of one colour and pair them together, simple!

Do you wear coloured tights? I’d love to see how you style them!

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