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mazda6 commute cardiff caerphilly

You all know how much I love a road trip and that I tend to do a lot of driving on holidays. But what about that all important daily drive, the commute. 

Mazda has identified the top 5 scenic commutes in the country, one of them being Caerphilly to Cardiff. So I went to test out the route in the new Mazda6, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Growing up in Wales, I’ve always been surrounded by beautiful scenery and sometimes it takes someone to point it out for you to realise how lovely it can be right where you are.

The drive between Caerphilly and Cardiff is one I’ve done many times. The A469 has some lovely views looking down into Caerphilly as you come over the mountain whilst surrounded by trees and greenery which I absolutely adore at this time of year with all the leaves changing colour.

Driving the Mazda6 was an absolute dream. I’ve driven quite a few different cars over the years as we often hire them on holiday. The Mazda6 is definitely the most comfortable that I’ve ever driven. The seats are heated, with separate controls for each side which is something I’ve always wanted to have because I’m forever the coldest person. There’s also a heated steering wheel which I thought might just make my hands clammy but it feels magical on these chilly mornings! I talked about a couple of my other favourite features over on my Instagram stories, including the floating speedometer on the windscreen (it’s either a reflection or a projection but I like to think it’s just a little bit of wizardry).

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The seats are fully positionable with electronic adjustment making it super easy to get just the right height, distance, back and lumbar support (and there’s the ability to set two different profiles for the driver’s seat position).  With the helpful features, super comfortable seats and the sleek look of the exterior it really is the ideal car for commuting.

In case you were wondering, the other routes in the top 5 are Sheffield to Manchester, Bath to Bristol, Alnwick to Newcastle and Cheltenham to Oxford. The only one I haven’t driven along is between Alnwick and Newcastle, but I have been past on the train to Edinburgh so I can pretty safely say that all of these journeys are beautiful. How many have you driven?

mazda6 commute cardiff caerphilly
mazda6 commute cardiff caerphilly
mazda6 commute cardiff caerphilly
mazda6 commute cardiff caerphilly
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