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How to Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday

How to Have an Eco-Friendly Holiday

fern growing on the ground in the woods with sunlight highlighting the leaves

Thankfully, more and more people are opting to live a more eco-friendly life. This extends to travelling and going on holiday. There are a lot of ways to help look after the planet whilst enjoying the sights. I hope you’ll keep these points in mind when booking your next trip. After all, we want there to still be a planet for us to go and explore! So what can you do to have an eco-friendly holiday? Some travel companies offer sustainable packages so if this is how you usually book your holidays then take a look into it.

a fern growing on the ground in the woods with sunlight on the leaves

Stay closer to home

I think everyone can work out that limiting the distance you travel will limit the number of emissions produced. Closer to home can mean a lot of things. In the UK we’re pretty lucky that we have holiday-worthy spots right here in the country, as well as just a stone’s throw away in the rest of Europe. Of course, there are many reasons to travel further afield but it’s something to keep in mind when you’re choosing your destination. Have a read of my posts about planning a UK staycation, the best rural UK vacation spots, and the best UK city breaks.

Take public transport

Public transport is a great way to reduce CO2 emissions and travel more sustainably. Other than walking or cycling, which wouldn’t work too well for most people going on holiday, it’s the greenest way to travel. There are a lot of places, including around Europe, that you can travel to by train. If you live in or near London then you should definitely take advantage of the Eurostar. You can now travel to France, Belgium, the Netherlands or Germany. The prices aren’t bad either. Another option could be a coach trip. I know these are often associated with OAP holidays or it might bring back memories of school trips. But it can be a great low-cost option that’s also better for the planet. FlixBus offer overnight travel from London to a lot of cities around Europe.

If you can’t be persuaded into using public transport, or you’re heading somewhere that’s a bit more remote, then why not take a road trip! Road trips can be a holiday in themselves. If you can hire an electric or hybrid car then even better. Just check with the rental company if you plan to leave the country of origin.

If you really need to fly to then choose non-stop flights. It’s the take off and landings that emit the most emissions so even reducing this will help. Some airlines also offset their carbon footprint so try to look for these options where possible.

Sleep like a local

Live like a local by booking an independent bed and breakfast or use Airbnb to support a local person. There are more and more eco-lodges and sustainable accommodation options available in many places so these are also worth looking out for. Just do a little research before booking to be sure it’s not just greenwashing. And of course, there’s the option of camping if you want to embrace the outdoors. If you’re new to Airbnb then use this link to get £25 off your first stay (affiliate link).

Eat well

Shop at local markets and greengrocers for your food if you’re able to. Supporting local businesses is a great way to give back. If you’re eating at a restaurant then opt for ones that use local produce. A bit of a controversial subject but eating less meat whilst you’re away is also a great way to have a more eco-friendly holiday.

Be prepared

Bring your own water bottle, bags, cutlery, etc. This will be easy if you’re used to carrying these at home. I think most people are used to having an extra bag on them for shopping so you may as well pop in some reusable cutlery and a water bottle. It saves buying plastic bottles of water and using disposable cutlery. There are often a lot of places to fill water bottles for free (including the airport) so it’ll save you some money too!

I think this also applies to doing research beforehand. If there are certain activities you want to do or attractions you want to see then make sure they’re legitimate and not damaging to the environment. I think it goes without saying that this includes anything with wild animals (other than sanctuaries).

How are you planning to have an eco-friendly holiday? Leave a comment if you have any other tips!

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