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Sustainable Sunglasses From Pala Eyewear

Sustainable Sunglasses From Pala Eyewear

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Summer is here, and you can’t get through summer without sunglasses. If you’re looking for a sustainable upgrade then take a look at Pala Eyewear*. I’ve looked into sustainable sunglasses before but I couldn’t find any that were my style. I was so pleased to find Pala’s range of sunglasses is just what I’d been looking for. Their simple designs have a quirky edge and come in an array of colourways to choose from.

So who are Pala and what makes them different?

  • For every pair of sunglasses sold, they give back to eye-care programmes in Africa by providing grants to vision centres, dispensaries and screening programmes
  • They work alongside a Ghanaian-based NGO to support weaving communities to make protective sunglasses cases from recycled plastic
  • From 2020 onwards all new styles will be exclusively Italian bio-acetate (which uses plasticisers that are entirely biodegradable, meaning the material is 100% plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free)
  • Packaging boxes are FSC MIX certified, from responsible sources. All print materials come from recycled paper stock
  • For every delivery made to a customer, £1.00 is put towards offsetting the CO2 cost of that delivery
  • They also acknowledge that they’re not perfect (who is?) but they’re working hard to improve all the time

I was kindly gifted the Lich Flint* pair, which is what I’m wearing in these photos. I’ve found them comfortable to wear and I think they look pretty good on me. I’m even thinking of getting prescription lenses put into them so I can wear them all the time without having to put contact lenses in. I’ve also got my eye on the Zuri Pink* pair which might look just a bit too big on my small head but they’re gorgeous!

If you want to learn more about Pala, head to their website* and you can read about how they work in more detail.

Let me know if you’ve tried out some sustainable sunglasses! And if you’re looking for a sustainable outfit to go along with them, have a read about Synergy Organic Clothing.

Sunglasses were gifted for an Instagram collaboration, this blog post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own

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