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A Day Out in Bristol

A Day Out in Bristol

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I love having a little day trip to places and Bristol is one of my favourites. It’s only an hour or so from Cardiff and just makes for a nice change in scenery. There are a few things in Bristol that Cardiff doesn’t have so I wanted to share my favourite things to do in Bristol. There are plenty of things that I haven’t yet done so I may update this in the future with new additions!

The variety of shops in Bristol is something that I love. There are some high street shops that aren’t in that many cities and some that just haven’t quite made their way to Cardiff yet. My absolute fave is Monki, which I buy online usually but it’s so nice to see the clothes in real life. Pull and Bear is another favourite, I like to think of it as a cheaper Brandy Melville and I often feel like the clothes are a bit young in general but they do have some great pieces. On the less cheap side, I love browsing Cos. I have never actually bought anything from there but I always look when I pass a store because I love the minimalist style for inspiration.

And then, of course, there are all the fantastic independent shops. Just wandering around you can find some beautiful places to shop. Speaking of wandering around, this is also a great way to discover some of the incredible street art that’s all around the city. You can do walking tours of Banksy pieces and other art too.

Bristol Museum is one of my favourites for an indoor afternoon stroll. It’s not huge but I love the focus on art that they have. I’ve seen the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition there which saves a trip to London. You can find lots more activities and the top attractions to check out in Bristol with discounts on Groupon.

The Bristol balloon fiesta happens every summer and is totally worth going to. We went last year and although we, unfortunately, missed the take off of the balloons because the weather wasn’t good enough for them to do it, we did see the night glow show. It was pretty cool as I hadn’t actually seen hot air balloons in real life before. A word of warning though, it might take you a fair while to get out of the park that the fiesta is held in after it’s over. We ended up getting back home pretty late. It was worth it though and I definitely want to go again this year, hopefully I’ll get to see them launch!

things to do bristol museum

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